Free Melanoma Screening at High Tide Dermatology during May

Dr Bailey and Dr. SumaWhen melanoma is caught and treated early, skin cancer is completely curable. Throughout May, skin cancer awareness month, High Tide Dermatology offers free skin checks to all new patients by Dr. Carissa Suma, Board Certified Dermatologist. We encourage you to call today and schedule an appointment for your free screening on May 18th for new patients only.

See High Tide Dermatology’s  Five Easy Skin Safety Tips.

  1. Avoid sunlight during peak hours from 10 a.m. to 4 pm. This is when the sun is most vital, and your chances of sun damage are greatest. Instead, do outdoor activities early in the morning or late in the day.
  2. Avoid sun tanning and tanning beds.
  3. Wear sunscreen every day with an SPF greater than 30 on sun-exposed areas. This includes the face, neck, ears, arms, and even the back of your hands. Be sure to reapply every two hours and choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that helps protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  4. Wear sun-protective clothing, especially clothing that has a UPF rating. In addition, look to wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection when outdoors.
  5. Get your skin checked by High Tide Dermatology annually and check your skin regularly for worrisome or changing spots so that you can contact us as soon as possible. Having your skin checked and spots mapped is the best preventative measure. Early detection is vital.



Call for your complimentary skin check appointment today at 239-444-DERM (3376). Unfortunately, appointment availability is limited, and we hope to see you soon!

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